Bluegrass Golden Eyes



Bluegrass Golden Eyes

Calling all mountain, enduro and trail riders:
this is the helmet for you!

Solid, comfortable and well ventilated, the Golden Eyes combines the latest technology with innovative design.
By embedding two shells into each other we have reduced the weight of the helmet whilst increasing its safety factor and extending it down at the back to provide
extra skull coverage.

Its special helmet construction with additional impact security also keeps your head cool, even on hard climbs, making the Golden Eyes the perfect companion for your mountain shreds.


Bluegrass Golden Eyes


Our essential Enduro helmet aims to fulfil the difficult mission of providing protection for riders like yourself going as fast as downhillers but without the thickness and bulkiness of a full face helmet.

The Safe T Advanced fit system provides the best weight and comfort ratio. The micro adjust dial offers very precise movements with 2mm per click for the horizontal and 4 steps for the vertical adjustment. The retention has a 360 degrees ring which fits perfectly around your head for the best comfort and secure fit.

Don’t take up precious riding time - just go!

Bluegrass Golden Eyes


The visor’s role is to protect your face, especially the eyes, from branches, sun or mud.
A unique feature of the Golden Eyes visor is that it is made of flexible injection material that absorbs the energy flow well
so should there be impact, it prevents further damage to your neck.

You can also fine tune your field of vision by simply adjusting the anodized aluminum side screws at three points, providing plenty of space for your goggles. The visor also allows air to pass through the shell, where deep internal channels give plenty of ventilation keeping you cool even on hot, sunny days.

Bluegrass Golden Eyes


Some neat details include the small gap between the padded interior and the outer shell which does a great job of letting air pass through. However, we wanted to give you an even better product by adding the vented Kevlar straps which are particularly lightweight and unobtrusive.
The straps are also adjustable, so finding a good, secure fit is easy.

Their webbing has an open central strip to keep them cool, and the gel padding on your forehead
diverts sweat away from your eyes.
You can wear our Golden Eyes all day long and forget you have it on!

Bluegrass Golden Eyes
Bluegrass Golden Eyes


The goggle strap clips at the rear of the helmet allows you to keep your goggles in place
even on the fastest of descents.

A removable camera mount that works with multiple camera brands is available as an optional,
so you can bless the internet with exciting videos of you riding your favourite trail!



"Neither stops the Golden Eyes being one of the most stable, comfy and well-vented helmets on test,"

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"On se sent en sécurité, paré pour effectuer une belle accrobatie."

issue n. 302
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"Comfort e prestazioni del Golden Eyes sono di alto livello."

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"Como principal virtud, además de la gran ventilación, destacaría la calidad, precisión y comodidad de su ajuste ya que hay muchos cascos de enduro que, al ser más pesados, hay que llevarlos muy apretados para que no se muevan llegando a ser incómodos con el paso de los kilómetros."

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"I was really impressed with the performance and finish of this helmet."

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Outer shell construction Integral inmoulding
Inner shell Impact resistant expandable polystyrene beads
Chin strap buckle Anti-pinch buckle
Straps and Divider Kevlar straps, (Aus: Airlite straps). Anti-slip cam divider
Strap anchor Embedded strap anchor points
Active safety technology More protection on rear of head
Fit System Safe-T Advanced
Visor Adjustable visor 3 points attachment. Flexible injection material
Comfort Anti-allergenic interior padding. Hand washable
Accessories Goggle clip
Compatibility Goggle. USB LED light device. Bluegrass removable camera mount
Certification CE, AS/NZ
Discipline All mountain, Enduro
  S M L
CE 330 gr 360 gr 400 gr
AU 370 gr 390 gr 460 gr
  S M L
A cm 52/57 56/59 58/63

Liam and the Golden Eyes

And now let’s have a look at the Bluegrass Golden Eyes Helmet crash test reviewed by Liam Moynihan taking the test very seriously: “There is no point doing a product video without properly testing out the product... So I suppose that I need to properly test this helmet out!”


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