skinny d3o 00


Ultra lightweight protection
that fits like a second skin

The premium version of our Bluegrass Skinny pads, enhanced with D3O® shells for a more flexible and safer pad. Guaranteed.

The fit is refined with longer, laminated fabric sleeves, bringing excellent breathability and standout stability while pedalling.

The shells of our Bluegrass Skinny D3O® pads are also reinforced with Kevlar fabric, massively boosting their durability.

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"These are my new favourite pads, giving excellent fit, believable protection, and all combined in a lightweight package."

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D3O® shell
Extended sleeve, silicon grippers and straps
Strong, durable Kevlar fabric
Breathable laminated fabric
  Knee Elbow
CE 150 gr 125 gr
  Knee Elbow
  A cm B cm C cm D cm
S 40/43 32/35 23/26 20/23
M 43/46 35/38 26/29 23/26
L 46/49 38/41 29/32 26/29
XL 49/52 41/44 32/35 29/32
skinny size

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